Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club

Fall 2001- Spring 2002


Sept 27

Dr. Theresa M. Williams
Merck & Co

Inhibitors of Farnesyl Transferase

Oct 25

Prof. Jeffery Winkler, Professor
University of Pennsylvania
Synthesis of Natural & Unnatural Products

Dec 6

Prof. Nicole S. Sampson
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Investigation of the Role of Disintegrins in Mammalian Fertilization

Feb 28

Dr. Bruce Maryanoff
RW Johnson PRI, Spring House, PA

Synthesis of pyridine-containing macrocycles by cobalt-mediated trimerization of triply-bonded species

March 28

Prof. Justin Dubois
Stanford University

The Evolution of New Oxidation Reactions for Target Directed Synthesis

April x

Virgil Percec
University of Pennsylvania

Self-Assembling Dendritic Building Blocks as Biological Mimics

May 30

Prof. Matthew Shair
Harvard University