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The Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club is one of the oldest independent chemistry clubs in the United States. Its central purpose is to facilitate interaction between scientists from academia and the many chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Seminars are held at 8 p.m. in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, following dinner at 6 (cocktails at 5:30).
For directions and details, hit the WHERE button above. Download a printable Spring Seminar Schedule (PDF).

Jan 30

Prof. John L. Wood, Yale University

Bridged Polycyclic Natural Products: Inspirational Targets for Total Synthesis abstract

Feb 27

Prof. Marissa Kozlowski, The University of Pennsylvania

Development of Novel Ligands for Asymmetric Oxidative Biaryl Coupling and Ketoester Alkylation abstract

Mar 27

Prof. Jean-Charles Quirion, Laboratoire d'Heterochimie Organique, IRCOF-INSA Rouen, France

Diastereoselective Alkylation of amides: application to asymmetric catalysis and biologically active compounds

Apr 24

Prof. Douglass F. Taber, University of Delaware

Total Synthesis of (–)-Morphine abstract

May 29

POCC Day - Poster Session - information here

Dr. Allen B. Reitz
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development

submit your posters for the afternoon session! mark your calendar!


Novel Scaffolds and b-Turns That Mimic ox-[Cys-Cys]: Design, Synthesis, and Conformational Analysis abstract

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