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The Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club is one of the oldest independent chemistry clubs in the United States. Its central purpose is to facilitate interaction between scientists from academia and the many chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Fall 2004 & Spring 2005 SEMINAR SCHEDULE

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Seminars are held at 8 p.m. in the CAROLYN HOFF LYNCH LECTURE HALL in the
Department of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, following dinner at 6 (cocktails at 5:30).
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Sept 30

Prof. Eric Sorensen
Princeton University

Syntheses of Complex, Biologically Active Natural Products abstract

Oct 15

Prof. Amos B. Smith III
University of Pennsylvania

60th Birthday Symposium

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Prof. Noritaka Chida, Keio University, Japan
Prof. Karl Dieter, Clemson University
Prof. Gregory Friestad, University of Vermont
Prof. Karl Hale, University College, London, England
Prof. Joseph Konopelski, University of California, Santa Cruz
Prof. Sergey Kozmin, University of Chicago
Prof. Robert Maleczka, Michigan State University
Prof. Jon Rainier, University of Utah
Prof. Carmelo Rizzo, Vanderbilt University
Prof. Rob Strongin, Louisiana State University
Prof. Gary Sulikowski, Vanderbilt University
Prof. Toshiaki Sunazuka, Kitasato University, Japan
Prof. Carol Taylor, Massey University, New Zealand
Prof. John Wood, Yale University

Dec 2

Dr. Robert Hudkins
Cephalon, Inc.

The Discovery of CEP-1347, a Mixed Lineage Kinase Inhibitor for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease abstract

Jan 27

Prof. Joseph Fox
University of Delaware

Strain as a Design Principle abstract

Feb 24

Dr. James R. Empfield
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis: Thermal Vs. Microwave Studies on 2,4-Dialkylaminoquinolines abstract

March 31

Prof. Michael P. Doyle
University of Maryland

Recent Advances in Dirhodium Catalysis abstract

April 21

Pat N. Confalone
E.I. du Pont de Nemours

Discovery and Process Chemistry Topics from Crop
Protection and Pharmaceutical R&D

POSTER SESSION List of Posters

May 26

Prof. Scott McN. Sieburth
Temple University

Silicon-Based Protease Inhibitors: Efficacy and Chemistry abstract


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