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All seminars are on Thursday unless otherwise noted and are held at the University of Pennsylvania.

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2008-9 Seminar Schedule

Sept 25 Dr. Ann Weber (Merck)

Oct 22

POCC Award Symposium

Prof. Keith Woerpel (University of California - Irvine)
Prof. Stephen Buchwald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Prof. Paul Wender (Stanford University)
POCC Symposium award recipient: Prof. Scott Sieburth (Temple University)

Dec 4 Prof. Peter Wipf (University of Pittsburgh)
Jan 29 Prof. Sarah O’Conner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Feb 26 Prof. Patrick Walsh (University of Pennsylvania)
March 26 Prof. M. Christina White (Illinois)
April 23 Dr. Paige Mahaney (Wyeth)
May 14


POCC Industrial award recipient: Christopher J. Dinsmore (Merck)