The Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club is one of the oldest independent chemistry clubs in the United States. Its central purpose is to facilitate interaction between scientists from academia and the many chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Fall 2007 & Spring 2008 SEMINAR SCHEDULE

2008/2009 POCC Schedule: Weber, Woerpel, Buchwald,Wender, Sieburth, Wipf, O’Conner, Walsh, White, Mahaney, Dinsmore

Chemistry as a Life Science Symposium XIV – Friday March 21, 2008: Djerassi, Knochel, Shepartz, Trauner, DuBois, Baran

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Seminars are held at 8 p.m. in the CAROLYN HOFF LYNCH LECTURE HALL in the
Department of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, following dinner at 6 (cocktails at 5:30).

the September 20th, October 24th and March 20th seminars will be held in Room 102

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Franklin Medal
April 16

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Sept 20

Allan R. Day Award

Prof. Eric Jacobsen
Harvard University

A Search for Selective yet General Catalysts

Oct 24

Prof. Phil Baran
The Scripps Research Institute


The Catalytic Cycle of Discovery in Total Synthesis


Dec 13

Prof. Jaquelyn Gervay-Hague
University of California, Davis

Bio-Inspired Iodides, Sulfones, and Scaffolds

Jan 31

Prof. Chris Schafmeister
Temple University

Molecular Lego: A route to rationally designed functional macromolecules

Feb 21

Dr. Juan Luengo

Discovery of Eltrombopag, a Small-Molecule Oral Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonist: From Screening to the Clinic.

March 20

Prof. David W. C. MacMillan
Princeton University

New Catalysis Concepts

April 17

Dr. Duane Burnett

The Discovery of Zetia®

May 8

Prof. Jeffrey Bode
University of Pennsylvania

Organic Redox Reactions for Chemoselective Ligations and Enantioselective Annulations


The POCC gratefully acknowledges financial support from its members and

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